Thursday, November 18, 2010

Watercolor skies.

After my dreary day of being back at work yesterday, I decided I needed a cupcake.  So just a little after 5 o'clock I headed toward The Sweet Tooth Fairy. 

Now I have always thought that Utah has possibly the most beautiful skies EVER ... and I think I cemented that thought last night.  As I drove away from my office, I looked at the sky over the mountains to the east of me and thought what a beautiful pale shade of pink.  I decided that I needed to find a good spot to snap a photo where I wouldn't have buildings in my way. 

I decided on the post office parking lot. 

By the time I drove into the parking lot, the sky to the north of me had gotten a darker pink - I snapped a picture ... and then I turned around to the south and it was looking a little more orange - I snapped a picture. 

I got back in my car and turned west into the shopping center where The Sweet Tooth Fairy is ... It was the most spectacular sky I have ever seen.  It didn't even look real.  It had to have been a backdrop for a movie set that someone had painted.

I quickly dialed McCall and told her that she had to leave her desk and go out to see the sky.  Then I called my house to tell my kids to go out the front door and look at the sky.  I walked through the doors of The Sweet Tooth Fairy and asked the little sales clerk if she was alone.  (Would have been much more creepy if I was a man asking.)  She said no, so I told her that she needed to get whoever else was working in the back to come outside and see the sky.

It had changed so much in just that last few minutes, I knew it would quickly fade into night.  It was ABLAZE with color.  I was truly in awe ... and it made me happy that I had been out at just the right time and hadn't missed it.


  1. i am glad you called me! and lots of girls at my office went out to see too. we would have missed it. such a pretty sky. it's sad it only lasts a couple of minutes, isn't it?

  2. Fantastic....
    I love these colors,
    especially with the
    mountain in the background.
    xx Suzanne

  3. GoRgEoUs....that's all I can say!

  4. I Love all of the beautiful colors and cloud shapes! God didn't just create beautiful things, He created beautiful things that keep changing into even More Beauty! LOVELY!!!
    If you are in the mood for cupcakes you have to check out my sister's blog today. You will love it, but will probably need to make another trip to the Sweet Tooth Fairy (cutest name ever...). her blog is

    And, Ha Ha, Yes, my stress level has decreased considerably. :) But, what to do with all of those aprons...

    I glad that you had a wonderful trip, but I know that "Re-Entry" is very difficult. your girls are adorable!
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  5. I so wish we had a window here at the office! I was leaving that day a little early and the sky literally stopped me in my tracks as I left work! It was breath taking!

  6. Hello,

    So beautiful! Have a great weekend.

  7. Such a pretty sky! I just feel soooo blessed and thankful for the beauty when I see a sky like that.

    Thank you for your sweet comments today my friend....I really am ok....just need to get this over with and I will be dancing in the street. oxoxx

    Happy weekend. The snow is falling here.

  8. What a gorgeous sky!! Reminds me of the sky on our honeymoon a few weeks ago, so gorgeous!! xo