Friday, August 20, 2010

Dora the Explorer.

Have you heard that Dora the Explorer is celebrating her 10th anniversary this weekend? I can't even believe how time flies at such a lightening fast pace.

When my older girls were little their favorite TV shows to watch were The Carebears, Little Bear, David the Gnome and Kids Incorporated. When Chloe and Elliott were young I remember them loving Barney. But truth be told, I have no recollection of what Sophie used to watch. (A sad commentary for the 5th child.)

And then Dora the Explorer blasted on the screen and apparently has become a $10 billion industry. I believe it. She is everywhere!

I listened to a segment yesterday on The Today Show talking about Dora the Explorer. They interviewed the 14 year old girl who is the voice of Dora, and she was so sweet about who Dora is. She described her as confident, a believer, and helpful.

One of the creators said that Dora's success is largely due to the fact that the show is interactive. Dora asks questions and then pauses for the answers, which the kids then shout out, becoming part of the show ... that's the interactive part, and they LoVe it!

(I thought it was really interesting that they run the show ideas in front of different groups of pre-schoolers before airing an episode. The producers said they watch the children's eyes. If their eyes get wide, they know it's a hit. If their eyes wander, they try again.)

Last summer, we would take weekend trips down to St George to see Chloe in her plays at the Tuacahn Theater. On one of those trips, I was in the bathroom of the hotel getting ready and Elliott and Sophie were laying on the beds channel surfing. When they came to Dora the Explorer Sophie kept the channel there and they started to watch the show.

Now keep in mind that Elliott is 17 and Sophie is 15 ... as the theme song was playing both of those kids started singing along.

Dora called out, "Teeko?"

Sophie said, "I thought his name was Salta."

Dora asks the audience to count the stars. Elliott said, "10."

Sophie said, "No, 11!"

A troll gave Dora a riddle ... everyone said, "Vamanos!" and then she and my kids shouted, "One, two, three!"

Elliott and Sophie started to laugh!

Dora asked, "How are we going to get Little Star back to the moon?"

Elliott and Sophie both said, "Throw her!" (At this point I peaked my head out of the bathroom door and watched Sophie lift her arm up off the bed and gesture a throw.)

They both whispered repeatedly along with Dora as she chanted, "Star light, star bright ... "

Elliott ended his little chant with, " .... I wish I wasn't here tonight."

At that point I was laughing to myself in the bathroom, really getting a kick out of the fact that they were amusing themselves with Dora and her adventure for the day.

At the end of the show, Dora asked, "What was your favorite part?"

And Elliott answered, "When it ended."

I had a big fat grin on my face.

I love Dora.


  1. Hi,

    Love this post today. This is my daughter's favorite show. Everything has to be about Dora. For her third birthday we had Dora CandyLand theme party. She was excited!! We just watched her birthday celebration the other day. Love watching her interact with the show. I wish I caught the Today show yesterday. Thank you for sharing.

  2. My little niece is totally
    into Dora. She came along
    when my daughter had moved
    on to more sophisticated fare
    like Animal Planet! What a
    cute post about your teens
    watching Dora! My teen will
    still pause on Little Bear
    or some of her other old faves
    when she is channel surfing.
    They grow up so fast....!
    xx Suzanne

  3. I guess I never knew Dora very well! :D

  4. Dora is one I do not know very well either for some reason..But she does look amazing...I think I would love her.


  5. ok, we are new to the dora scene, but holy cow, my boys are hooked! actually, they LOVE diego...same, same though:) why didnt we think of this??? 10 billion smackers...seriously.

  6. "when it ended"...oooh elliott...trying to be cool. hahaha. i still love when i tended cindy moody's kids and alyssa kept saying, "when you see a bird, say bird, okay?" i knew she picked that up from dora.

  7. I LOVED kids incorporated and David the Gnome! Ha! In fact, I just read this and then yelled out to McCall, "Hey! You liked David the Gnome too!?" She was like, "Umm...what are you talking about?" LOL! Random thing to shout at work, right? I'm glad there are still some cute, interactive, GOOD shows for our kids!

  8. I was never into Dora and I think my girls were not either...or they were too old for her... I don't know much about little Dora! ;D