Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ali and Roberto.

Just in case you haven't caught wind of this ... Ali, the Bachelorette, picked this guy. And I am in LOVE with this couple.

Way back in the beginning of the season of the Bachelorette, Roberto was a favorite ... and sometimes seemed like Ali's favorite. But she kept making comments to the host about how Roberto seemed too good to be true - almost like he was a fantasy boyfriend.

But as the season progressed and we got to know Roberto a little bit more he seemed like a for real good guy, and just about as handsome as they come as far as I'm concerned. (Granted it is a reality TV show and most people would put their best foot forward ... oh wait, never mind, I am remembering some of those episodes where the guys' best foot was - not so much there.)

The chemistry was off the charts with them and by last night's giddy proposal, I can admit, I was a little teary eyed. Mostly because they really seem to be genuinely in love with each other - and they both seem to be really down to earth - grounded in what matters the most, making the other one happy.

I have always liked Ali and I love Roberto. (His practically perfect genes would have been included in my blog about that, if I had laid eyes on him when I posted it.) And I am rooting for a wedding ASAP, because really - you know how a couple can just ooze mushiness with each other? These two do ... and I think it is ADORABLE.

Afterthought: I am looking at these pictures of Ali and Roberto again and thinking that he looks a whole lot like Tony Danza did back in the day. And I am thinking that I was SO crazy about Tony Danza that maybe that is why I think Roberto is such a doll.

I seem to find the darker complected (is that a word) guys more visually appealing as a rule. I loved Sylvester Stallone too - go figure.

In fact, my ex-husband knew that about me and one day he asked, "If you are attracted to the darker guys so much, why did you marry me?" (He is very fair skinned.)

To which I replied, "I didn't marry you for your looks."

Do you think that was mean?

But you get what I meant, right?


  1. I have not watched this show but I know my daughter does...and yes she was happy too. xoxoxo Hugs dear one. xoxo

  2. i do love roberto... but i loved chris too.
    i have a hunch that these two are gonna make it though- roberto seems too nice, and loves her too much to break it up. and i dont think ali would EVER let go of him ;)

  3. ok ok peeps, i will say that ali and roberto make a cute couple. i may even go as far as to say they could really make it. but alas, my heart is with chris. i. love. him. some of my girlfriends and i got together to watch the finale and there was not a dry eye in the room when ali left his hut. (was it even a hut?) he is so darling! kenny said after the finale, are you gonna leave me for chris?:) i hope he is the next bachelor!

    ps.i dont think anything you say to kevin would be considered RUDE...

  4. i agree with lindsay...and now i'm having regrets for never watching one episode of the bachelorette.

  5. I am glad Ali is happy and in love, but I would have picked Chris. He's handsome, sweet, and family oriented. If he was considered as the next bachelor I would like to know where I can sign up for the show : P

  6. Polly...I just love you and the way you write! I am STILL laughing at what you told Kevin! You're the bestest! <3 ~Tracy

  7. Remember the dark haired guy from the cruise we went on....he was a doll face! What was his name?
    You did always like them darker...but, the first time you saw your ex at that stake dance...you said..."I am going to marry him"...clear as a bell I heard you! That's how you got all those darling kids and that adorable grandbaby...so, you couldn't have done it any other way! =0)