Monday, August 30, 2010

Despicable Me.

My daughter McCall asked if I wanted to go see "Despicable Me" on Saturday with her and Libby. Of course I did.

I don't even recall seeing previews for it, or maybe I just hadn't paid any attention to them, so I really knew nothing about it. Elliott and Sophie had gone to see it with their dad and both said it was really cute, so I was looking forward to going.

May I just say that it is my new favorite movie.

I am still COMPLETELY blown away by that type of animation ... it is pure genious and unbelievable.

Elliott asked me what my favorite part about it was and before I could answer Sophie said, "I'm sure it was the little girls." (Edith, Margo and Agnes - sooooooo cute!!!!!)

I said, "Oh I did love those little girls but I think my favorite part was when Gru read them that story he had written for them." It made me cry.

Talk about a feel good movie. This is one that you want to own. And I actually don't say that very often.

Have you seen it yet? (You really must ... I'm pretty sure you will love it.)


  1. i'm so glad you came! i wish libby had slept like planned but, she was still pretty good. :) the little girls were sooo cutie! and i loved the kitty book best. ha. and when his moon suit turned pink in the wash.

  2. Oh Polly...I am so happy to see your "movie review" here...I have been contemplating going...but now it is for sure...with my youngest daughter (soon to be 16)! I could use a "feel good" movie! Thanks!

  3. I have not seen it...but I want to, maybe I will just buy it! I used to go to movies all the time but now it's few and far between. I too am amazed by the animation...I bawled like a baby in "Spirit" ;D

  4. My daughter saw
    this with a friend
    and loved it, so I'm
    sure we'll rent it
    on DVD when it comes
    out! She convinced
    us to rent UP when it
    came out and it, too,
    was a winner. Glad
    to get your review!
    xx Suzanne

  5. Thanks for the tip...I think my youngest would love it.By the way I love your daughter's name...McCall! xoxoxo

  6. I've been wanting to see this since the
    previews came out! It looks adorable!

  7. Hello,

    We went to see it with my three children and loved it. Since then our kids have seen it with their friends two more times. They find it funny every time. It's a great feel good movie. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
    Take care.

  8. i STILL havent seen it yet.. and i need to!

  9. I have never heard of this movie either! I MUST see it now!
    Do yourself a favor and get a pedi! ohhhhh heaven!
    Have a pretty day!

  10. I will have to buy this one when it comes out. I love feel good movies but never seem to get to the theater. Carolyn was a "Minion" at music camp but I had no idea what that was. (Still don't for that matter) Now I'll get to find out. Can't wait for it to hit the Target shelves...

  11. I loved this one, too! And UP was another winner...and even though they are both animated~ you almost feel like the little character have come to life by the end!!!! Darling!!!! I loved the little girl cute!

  12. Opps...I meant's too late to spell! lol