Friday, August 7, 2009

Peanut M&Ms.


This one is pretty self explanatory ... I love peanut m&ms! They have been my number one candy treat of choice for years. I will sometimes deviate for a little while, but I always come back to peanut m&ms. They're cute, they're colorful ... they last longer than a candy bar - if you first crunch the outside shell off, then chew the chocolate, then eat the peanut (keeping it in your mouth during the process, of course.) They are especially good when eaten at the same time as movie popcorn. A tip I first learned about 20 years ago - thanks Jeanine!

And I Love, Love, LOVE, a really fresh bag of peanut m&ms!!! So fresh that when you open the bag you can actually smell the freshness ... best achieved when you purchase the big 7 pound bag from Costco.

Great road trip treat.