Wednesday, August 26, 2009



This is the picture I have on my desk top screen. Nice, isn't it? The I.T. guy in my office put it on for me one day because he knew what a chocolate fiend I am. I have chocolate just about every day ... and I say "just about" only because I am currently trying to drop a few pounds so I have been cutting back. In my normal existence, it is an every day consumption.

My dad has told my siblings and I that his mother liked to have dessert after every meal. My grandmother was a VERY proper woman. I never once saw her wear pants, or panty hose for that matter. She always wore a dress, a slip, and nylons - the kind that you wear with a girdle and garter belt. She had her hair done every Wednesday, wore makeup everyday, and always wore earrings - clip on. She conducted herself in a very lady like manner as well. She had a very quiet and calm demeanor ... we all loved her, and we loved her cookie jar.

She had a cookie jar for the grandchildren, and a bread box for my grandpa and her. She did have her loaf of bread in there, but she also had the special cookies that were just for the adults.

Our cookie jar had oreos or chips ahoy or the pink/white/and brown sandwich cookies, and their bread box had cookies that were chocolate and marshmallow filled. Or wafers wrapped in chocolate and coconut. It was a great day when we got to be teenagers and Grandma would give in and let us have one of the adult cookies!

So I suppose it just might be hereditary, and that would explain my keen attraction for chocolate. (Well, that and I am a woman.) I like a little taste of it after every meal ... just like my grandma. Even if it is just a little handful from my open bag of Nestle's semi sweet chocolate chips in my freezer.

There is a yummy smelling store here in town called, The Chocolate Cottage, that my friend Sherry and I like to frequent. Seriously, you just walk in, inhale, and you have consumed calories. Sherry will buy $14 worth of treats and it will last her a couple of weeks. Me ... well ... I can spend $14 and finish it before the end of business day! Which is why I tend to include chocolate covered strawberries, or raspberries, or grapes. At least I am also getting in a serving of fruit.

That justification can also apply when you are in front of a chocolate fountain, letting that luscious, creamy, dreamy flow of chocolate engulf your strawberries, bananas ... okay, and your rice crispy treat squares, your oreo cookie, your cinnamon gummy bear, your brownie bite, your marshmallow - you get the picture ... now go get some chocolate!!!

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