Saturday, August 15, 2009

Diet Coke.


You know, what can I say about Diet Coke? I love it, and I know I am in good company when I say that. It did take me a good long time to come over to the dark and dangerous side though.

When I was a little girl living in upstate New York, right across the street from our house was a big pond. Next to the pond was miles of grass. I was sitting on the grass one day with my friend, Peggy. We were having a little picnic on a blanket and she offered me some of her coke. I told her that I couldn't drink it because it was against my religion. (I was probably 6 or 7 because we moved out west when I was eight.) She said, "What will happen to you?" I said I wasn't sure. But in my young little head that day, I pictured a bolt of lightning striking me if I took a sip. I pretty much kept that same mentality until I was 20, while I was attending BYU Hawaii for a year.

My roommates all drank TAB. I scolded them and reminded them that it was full of caffeine, was detrimental to their health, and they really shouldn't be drinking it. The three of them looked at me as if to say: Excuse me? Are you for real? How old are you, and you have a problem with TAB?

I had certainly outgrown my fear of lightning bolts, so I started drinking TAB ... then TAB with lemon, then on to Diet Coke when TAB became no longer available.

I have "given up" Diet Coke before. (Haven't we all?) I went a whole year without drinking any back in 2002. One of my friends had said that once you are off of it for a while you lose your taste for it. Not me.

It was my birthday, and I was celebrating in Las Vegas with my friend, Tracy. We sat down to dinner and she asked if I was having a Diet Coke. I told her I hadn't had one in a year ... then I thought, it's my birthday, I think I will have one. And it tasted SOOOOOO good! I think it was the best Diet Coke I had ever had. It did not disappoint. I had another, and another after that.

We will not discuss the side effects of aspartame at this time, however. This is a happy little things blog and Diet Coke really can make one happy - on a stressful, crazy day, filling your 44 oz cup with ice and Diet Coke is a wonderful relaxer ... you know it is. :)

(oh, who am kidding ... it is fabulous on ANY given day!!!)

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  1. fabulous on any given day, and ANY given time!
    i was waiting for this 'happy little thing' to appear :) la ya