Sunday, November 18, 2012

'tis the season ... already.

YOU KNOOOOOW ... once that whole retail Christmas thing gets underway, we're all in for it.  I so love the Thanksgiving holiday, but to be honest, with the snow, the Christmas carols playing on the radio, and the two Christmas concerts I went to this past week, the orange pumpkins that are still sitting on my front porch and the fall wreath on my front door just look a little out of place.  I can't like it too much.

BUT. I really am getting into the holiday spirit as a whole, and I do like that!

One of our local radio stations does a live broadcast from our mall every Tuesday and Thursday at noon with great local artists performing Christmas music.  They started this week with Kurt Bestor (love him), Kade Smith (a good friend of Chloe's), and Cori Connors (a good family friend from way back), so it was an extra special way to jump start the season of HOLIDAY JOY!

Mrs. Clause was there serving hot chocolate during the shows.

AND ...
Our mall has the REAL Santa!!!  Can you believe it?!
Pretty cool.

I just love Santa.


  1. Oh my stars! That last Santa Picture could be a Christmas card. I luv it!!! I'm listening to Cori's concert right now on FM100. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Now that is how to roll on into the Festive Season...yahooooo...I am so on board this year...glitter everywhere in my home....xoxoox Let me know when you get your MM Holiday book...we need to keep tabs that is was sent your way. xoxoxo

  3. It has been a little to warm here for me to even think of shopping or listening to Christmas music...which is funny since I haven't evevn started shopping and am due in a few weeks :) Maybe I need to visit your mall to get me in the mood!

    Loved your little comment on my blog...I am joining your 5 kid club! You will have to help me out with advice here!!! You know I'll be writing you! You give me hope :) That I will survive :)

  4. Your mall sounds really cool!! LOVE that last shot!

  5. I still think you made the best Santa last year on your cards!

    HO ho HO ho HO....:)

    1. You mean on the cover of the CD this year?! Hee hee ... I'm making it happen Di! ;)

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