Monday, November 1, 2010

The glory of Halloween.

I really don't like to do any decorating (no matter what the holiday is) until my house is clean.  But with the basement renovation, and the chaos that followed upstairs, it was looking like I wouldn't be decorating at all for Halloween if I stuck to that rule.  So about a week ago I did decorate my front door (that's the least I could do, right?).  And then a couple of days ago I decided it really wouldn't take but a few minutes to get my grave yard out for the trick or treaters ...

And since I LOVE Halloween so much, I decided I could certainly just decorate my front hallway ...

Oh yeah, and I had bought all that Halloween candy on the sisters "runs" to WalMart, so I decided I would go ahead and decorate my island in the kitchen - which led to my kitchen table ...

And as long as I was in the kitchen, I could just grab a couple of things out of my totes and put them around the kitchen too ...

And because we watch T.V. in the family room, I thought I would just put a little something in there ...

But that's it .... the big skeletons, the ribbons I hang around my light fixture, the stick grid Elliott made and the other 3 totes will just have to wait until next year.  This year, I was just TOO busy!


  1. you had TONS out! i can hardly believe there's more. ;) such cutie stuff. did you know sophie's in the window of the top pic? ha.

  2. I noticed Sophie, too~so cute!!! You REALLY put a lot wonder you were up so late! It looks long do you leave it out? I love putting it out...but putting it away is a whole nother story for me! And soon it will be Christmas!!!! OH DEAR~ time really does fly as we age!

  3. ok holy halloween decorations! I am pretty sure that is more decor than I have ever seen in my life! I love it. So festive!

  4. So do we all agree that Sophie adds a little bit of creepy to the window? That was a total coincidence too, not planned!

    Di - I usually leave Halloween out until the following weekend. I think putting it all away is a lot easier, actually. And especially this year, since the totes are all still open, sitting in my garage! ;)

    Megan - have you never been to my house at Halloween? This was a quick decorating job! (Yes, it is a bit out of control ... but lots of fun!)

  5. Yup, thats how it goes and from year to year it seems to grow! I do love all your decorations you can put them all's Thanksgiving tomorrow! ;D

  6. I am so jealous you have SO much!!!! I love it all.

  7. Happy Halloween to you!! I love all of your decorations. How much fun!
    Take care,

  8. What fun at your home!!!

    November Hugs to you today my sweet friend. xoxoxo...make it a good day.