Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Hee.


This is my second baby ... Haley. Today she turned 23 years old.

I saw a picture of Haley today over on her sister's facebook page ... but as her sister's profile picture. What? Maybe it is Chloe's "tribute" to Haley since today is her birthday.

Personally - no facebook page for me yet, although now that Haley and Chloe have moved to Tennessee, I think I am going to have to set up a facebook page. I have fought it as long as I can. I am going to have to join the masses to keep in closer touch with my girls.

I had a friend from my high school days send Haley a message on facebook asking if she was my daughter. She said she looked just like me (well, that and she figured she was related since my brother and sister were both her "friends" on facebook). I took that as a compliment since I think Haley is pretty cute - and SO full of energy! I wish she could lend some of that to her mama.

I find it so interesting how children are born with their own little personalities. Ever since Haley was a tiny little girl she has been a bundle of energy. Anxiously engaged in all things possible. She recently auditioned for the summer theater shows at the Tuacahn in St. George and one of the choreographers pulled her aside and said he was casting a stage show in Tennessee and she would be a perfect dancer for the show.

She jumped on it - and I think she will be the perfect dancer for the show.

I miss her ... already. She and I took a road trip to Tennessee together. I decided I would blog about it. (Are you so excited?)

But that will be another day. Today is just a shout out to my Hee to wish her a Happy Birthday. I am sure happy that she is mine. Love.

(Haley has many looks ... she's a hair stylist.)


  1. pretty haley...oh how you are missed. i think the pictures look great mom. not too small at all. i miss auntie hee. lets make a count down to our TN visit. :)

  2. happy birthday hakey girl. she definitely will be missed! and chloe is gone too?? shoot peeps, are you doing okay?

  3. Such cute photos...love the one in the green cap...sure she isn't famous already????
    ADORABLE!!!!! =)