Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter 2013.

 photo d76333ef-5ad7-4e3b-93d6-17baa8a87809_zps1293b5f7.jpg

If my memory serves correctly (and that's a big IF at my age), our extended family has ALWAYS gotten together for Easter Sunday.  We have a big, yummy ham dinner, an egg hunt for the littles, and nice quality time visiting with the ones we love.  But, as our children have grown and married, we sometimes have to share them with the outlaws in-laws.  So this year, it was just me and my kids joining my brother and his little brood. (Well, he and his wife have five children too, but we seemed like a little brood comparatively speaking.)

The day was practically perfect, with incredibly delicious food, treats and company. And the fact that the annual Easter egg hunt was just for two didn't make it any less fun for the participants, or adorable for us to watch.

 photo b21d7290-aa23-4b49-b47d-2eb8297c1cac_zpsad094803.jpg  photo f13f2aeb-95ea-4462-a3c9-279c0e326f27_zpsd0635d73.jpg  photo 3dab49d5-fa2c-4c4b-905a-605a41ac205c_zpsa05a2ca1.jpg  photo 20debf40-544f-49de-8053-b3dab4f25733_zps50905825.jpg  photo e89bfab9-617f-46f0-9d7c-c1f278a68b26_zpsa827f7be.jpg  photo 4f285486-5fca-43d5-888c-6a494eb12199_zps2e54aec3.jpg  photo 507f51e8-95e2-4f8c-820d-01e0d9468458_zps7810bc36.jpg  photo ae9657a9-bbc0-410d-a732-6e56ff25b7d7_zps0326400e.jpg  photo 1c516d5a-535a-47d8-b2f4-db80845bd079_zps8f6e9db4.jpg


  1. Oh so fun! Libby is still talking about the Easter Egg Hunt. So glad we did it! Also, she looked at the pictures of her and Chloe coloring w/ chalk and said, "Oh shoot! I'm not looking." Hahaha.

  2. Those are just beautiful pictures of your gorgeous family, Miss Polly Dove. Aren't you blessed!?!?!!! xo Diana

  3. How fun!! Everyone looks like they had a great day! You have such a beautiful family. Wish it was warm enough here to play with chalk on easter. ;)

  4. Beyond...beyond adorable!!! I know I say this everytime I see your family together but you guys are all should be models! Love your happiness all the are one amazing MOM my friend. xoxox

  5. I LOVE that family pic up top! You guys really are such a cool bunch! & I get sooo jealous seeing all those girls! :) Not enough to try again... :) Looks like a fun day!

  6. This is such a great family picture!

  7. McCall's story about Libby is adorable...
    she is one precious thing!
    Love it ALL!!!

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