Saturday, March 23, 2013

Logan's party.

 photo 1670b75d-fb9b-4b5b-bc61-923c91fd6473_zps93b09d8b.jpg

This beautiful baby boy had a birthday. He turned one.  His mommy threw him the cutest birthday party, and we all had such a great time.  Mostly because we could just stare at his cuteness 24/7. As we watched him eat his own little birthday (smash) cake, we pretty much wanted to eat him up too.

 photo cabe596f-15f1-40e6-874d-f77f4f702c31_zps1d9388de.jpg  photo 41e3a151-ac0c-4891-8166-36fffb904bf2_zps2bd34656.jpg  photo 198190e7-40f5-499b-9c2a-99165a381831_zps6cf4f963.jpg  photo b1e87cdf-161c-48fd-a46b-27b498895b86_zps687c417f.jpg  photo 00bb3842-c6ed-41a1-b105-ddb5343f0733_zps347794d7.jpg  photo 4c82620b-f807-47f3-ba75-f4b1c2d1bf03_zps3a0ac82a.jpg  photo 39286e28-5d17-4877-b739-fb3691622c98_zpsebb556df.jpg  photo 2cd2fe60-05f0-4fcf-a998-333ef9a6d6c3_zps60d2a531.jpg  photo 03a46e3b-6cf3-42c6-9cf5-0de59ba82960_zpsa8d8a580.jpg  photo 064cef7d-f016-479a-b063-bc404b57bbb5_zps1cdddc3a.jpg  photo 0b9458cb-6ade-4b7a-8392-f16f79daad26_zpsef70eebe.jpg  photo 236e3932-5829-4b3f-9f44-29889159be9b_zps036ba3cd.jpg

pure joy ....

Until his mommy took away his cake.

 photo c42b7e12-86c8-4cd7-b65f-9ac48bee3331_zps3e534994.jpg

tubby time to the rescue ....

Logan's favorite thing - second only to his mommy. Followed by his birthday smash cake.

 photo 63c89ac3-0d5b-421f-b40d-43ed24d5bafd_zpscb5bb6fb.jpg

love, love, love this little guy.


  1. You're so the best photog ever!!! Love every bit of this post. Especially that bebe boy of mine!! I guess instead of a birthday page in his First Year book he's gonna need an entire birthday BOOK!!! How can I choose which pic is cutest??? Ha. I even like the crying ones!!! Thanks for all of these. (And your collages look awesome!!!)

  2. Oh- He is just adorable. Happy Birthday to the little guy! I can't find any way to sign up to follow your blog. I copied over your URL so hope that helps me keep track of you now- xo Diana

  3. Absolutely DELICIOUSLY GORGEOUS BABY BOY!!! Oh... and LOGAN is CUTE TOO!!! muaaahahaha!

  4. What a precious little guy!! Happy birthday to him!!

  5. Wishing you a very happy Easter!


  6. McCall did such a great job on his party!
    What a super little mommy she is!!!
    Pics are AWESOME!!!