Monday, January 21, 2013

Sundance Film Festival.

sundancewithjoandsoph photo sundancewithjoandsoph_zps0111cf9c.jpg sundance chloe photo sundancechloe_zps24d6191b.jpg
Every year at this time, as the Sundance Film Festival is going on all around us here in Utah, I think to myself, "This should be the year that I try to get tickets to go see a movie."  And then the week comes and goes and I don't, but it's always okay and I think, maybe next year.

Saturday night, Sophie said, "Mom, Josie and I really want to drive up to Park City after church and just walk around to see if we see any celebrities.  Her parents won't let her drive though because they don't trust her to get up there."  (Wise parents, since Josie is only 16, Sophie is only 17, Park City is about 45 minutes away and unfamiliar territory for both of these teens to boot. Did Sophie think I'd be okay with her being the designated driver?!)

I knew that McCall and her sister-in-law Brandie had wanted to go too, so I called her up and asked if she wanted to drive up with the girls and I would watch her babies.  Chloe was home with me, she was missing those babies anyway and wanted to spend some time with them .... until McCall got to our house.  Then Chloe decided that she didn't want to miss the "party" and headed up to Park City with them.

My girls always say how lucky I am because I have seen so many famous people and they haven't. (It's true. And I do love seeing famous people, but it was also fun for me to let them head out for the adventure and anticipation of such.)

A few hours later .... the text messages with attached photos started coming in.

jef photo jef_zps819bc042.jpg
(Jef with one F - who clearly wasn't sure which camera to look at)

ponytailboy photo ponytailboy_zps3f05555f.jpg
(Ponytail boy, as we lovingly refer to him as - another bachelor from Emily's season)

kathryn hahn photo kathrynhahn_zpsfbad99a4.jpg
(Kathryn Hahn, who we all LOVE - best friend in "How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days")

jazz player photo jazzplayer_zps8348294b.jpg
("Cutie" Gordan Hayward from the Utah Jazz)

happy girls photo happygirls_zps5c1f63ab.jpg
(Happy, happy little girls)

The girls said it took about 45 minutes to find a parking spot, but also said it was totally worth it.  They loved it and I love it for them.  (They also saw James Franco, who I adore ... but the only picture they got had a big arm in front of his face.  I think maybe their paparazzi mom needed to be there too, don't you?)


  1. OH needed to be there...I would have liked a clearer shot of "Ponytail Boy"....I don't even remember him? And you would think I would have...SOOOO MY TYPE! And James Franco...Yowza!!

    Your girlies always have the best times!
    So lucky!
    I love it for them, too! :)

  2. Ponytail boy! Haha, that is the best. These pictures are so fun! Looks like you had a great time. Sundance is the best :)

  3. Just entered 3 pics on 97.1 ZHT! I looked at all the other entries too, have you? There were some GOOOOD ones!!! Dermot Mulroney...I love him! Matthew McConaughey, Nicole Kidman, Joseph Gordon Levitt! Now I wanna go again!!!

  4. How fun!! Yep, you definitely needed to be there, too.

  5. What really did need to be there....I would so love to go there one year.
    Such sweet smiles your girls have...I love your family my friend.
    Thank you for your sweet comments about my are such an encourager! xoxoxxo

  6. Oh ya, I forgot about pony tail boy! ha So jealous they met Jef! He seems legit!

  7. Cute blog. I found you on another Oregon bloggers site but can't figure out how to follow yours. help?