Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas House 2012.


As is typical of me ... I haven't been very good with blog posts this holiday season. So this is where I take the liberty of extending the Christmas holiday at "myhappylittlethings" for a few more days.  It has been a busy, crazy month, that's for sure, but a really great one too.

I had high hopes for a real tree this year, but by the time I bought new lights, a new tree stand, and just thought about spending the time and money to get one home, I opted not to do that .... time was FLYING by way too quickly for my liking so I had the brilliant idea to borrow a tree.  (Borrow a tree?  I know, who does that?)  I called my friend Vicki.

"Hi Vicki.  It's me.  Please feel free to say no if you'd rather I not, but I was just wondering, since you aren't going to put up your big flocked tree this year, would you mind if I borrowed ..... "

"Absolutely," she quickly responded. "You are welcome to borrow my tree." (No fight with the lights, no added expense of purchasing a tree - h.a.p.p.y.l.i.t.t.l.e.t.h.i.n.g.)

I had also decided to make a change to the traditional Christmas tree colors this year. It was fun for me, and my kids loved it too.  I'm one of the lucky ones whose children actually appreciate the effort we moms take to make our houses look festive.  Here is a glimpse into our Christmas home 2012. 



christmas table soft



wreaths on doors

garland with bow



window sill


There are always lots of Santas at our house but I hadn't gotten out my Santa ornaments for at least the last eight or nine years ... so I got them out.  It was fun for me.  A little trip down nostalgia lane.

I really do love decorating for Christmas.  It makes me happy. 


  1. And this post makes
    ME happy, too ~ It's
    always so much fun to
    take a peek through
    a blogging friend's
    "window" and see
    what Christmas looked
    like at their house : )
    So pretty and I can
    see why your family
    loved it!!

    Happy 2013!

    xo Suzanne

  2. Hello my sweet friend....I must say that I miss seeing your gorgeous decorations in person...
    I must remedy that one year soon....they are breathtaking!!!!! Love the new pink-blue-green tree, too!!!!
    Can't wait for your other Christmas posts......

  3. So Ta-Da!!!

    One day, if any of your 4 children left move out, you should have a Christmas room. Happy little thing, all year round. (Though, your decorations wouldn't all fit in one room, we'd have to really narrow it down.)

  4. Oh my....your home is stunning! What a sweet friend to let you borrow her tree...we do a fresh tree every year but by the time we take it down..I am soooo happy because they are very messy. Thank you for sharing the your row of white houses. Hugs my are such a blessing to me. Thank you for all the joy you brought me in 2012 with your sweet comments. xoxoxoxxo

  5. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

    My husband wanted a real tree this year, too. One day again we will. It's just so easy to put up the fake.

  6. Just popped over to wish you a wonderful week my friend...hope it is off to a good start! xoxoxo