Monday, November 12, 2012

The big orange T.

Orange T

After having spent a full year in Tennessee as an entertainer, Chloe had fallen completely in love with the south (and a southern boy for that matter) for many, many reasons.  Before leaving Pigeon Forge to head back home to Utah, she placed a big orange T on the rear window of her little Suzuki in remembrance of the land she loved.

Chloe and I both work in Draper and both have the habit of driving through the McDonald's on our way into work for our early morning large diet coke with extra ice.  Lately, we seem to be on the same schedule and I've been seeing a lot of that big orange T.  She and I always smile really big at each other, wave, and get such a kick out of it!

Saturday, on a non-working day for both of us, we still, by sheer coincidence, were both at the drive-thru at the same time.  When I pulled up to the window, the cashier said, "Oh, your daughter paid for you."  

Well how cute is she?!  Sure made my morning!



  1. So adorable...and yes..such a happy little thing.
    I have another happy little thing to share with you my won my giveaway!! Yahoooooo ...happy dance. If you could email me your address that would be wonderful and I will forward it off to Matthew so he sends you his book ..pronto... {my email is found on my blog} xoxoxoo

  2. That Chloe. Love her! She did tell me the other day that she sees you more in the McD's drive-thru then at home. :)