Monday, November 26, 2012



Libby started drawing circles a while back.


Then she started to add faces.

circle baby

Now she adds bodies and limbs.


She is a coloring machine.  

After she has been over for a visit, 
I find her little pictures all around the house 
and I love it. 

They make me smile ...  She makes me smile ... I feel blessed to call her mine.




  1. Oh my gosh! So sweet! I haven't seen that last one. She is a coloring machine!!! I love it too. It's so hard to keep them all though and feel so guilty throwing stuff out. Ahhhh!!!

  2. Her and Did are TWINS!!!! I've always thought that though. It's just very noticeable when those pics are side by side. (I wish she had Sophie's long locks!)

  3. Wow is she ever growing up! I have a certian little love for that girl...must be her great name :)

    Even the circles were adorable! Lucky Grammy indeed Polly!

  4. She is just precious!! Lily is a coloring machine, too. She loves to draw. Now that she is in school she loves to write little love notes. Melts my heart to watch her. :)

  5. Oh wow...she does look like Sophie!
    I never noticed that before!
    Both are precious!!! :)
    You are a lucky girl Pol!

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