Friday, October 19, 2012

The Macabre side.

I decided it was high time for some more Halloween on my blog.  The countdown is on afterall .... and I am a slightly obsessed with Halloween.  My house is just about all done being decorated.  I think I counted ten totes. TEN?!  Pretty sure I have more Halloween decorations than most people have Christmas.  When my kids were little, it was all about cute.  Cute tole painted pumpkins, cute "fairyland" costumes, lots of purple, green and orange all over the house.  

As they have grown ... I have taken a turn for the macabre side of Halloween. Not quite sure when that first started happening, but I do seem to favor the dark side .... spooky, black and grey, skulls, ghosts and goblins ... that kind of stuff.

I was looking through photos of celebrity Halloween costumes and thought this one of Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnilo was so great.  Vanessa looks adorable.  Nick - well ... he's actually a little sick and creepy.

BUT ....

I think my VERY favorite celebrity couple costume had to be the year Christina Aguilera and her (then) husband dressed up as a Zombie bride and groom. 

I LOVE their makeup ... although, they both look a little too pretty to be zombies.  You may remember, I am a little partial to zombies.  I was super excited to get out my own bride and groom portrait that I had transformed into a zombie portrait of my ex-husband and I last year.  Gotta be one of my favorite things I own. 
(Is that awful?)

Last year, when my brother and his wife decided to be zombies, I helped them out with their costumes and told them that I had the perfect backdrop for a photo shoot.  

(How awesome is this?!)

 What are your costume plans?!


  1. I've never seen Christina as a zombie bride! That is awesome!!! I wish Jared would dress up. I love couple's costumes! Maybe next year you and I could be something together. Putting my thinking cap on....

  2. Funny, I'd forgotten
    about how you zombified
    your old wedding photo!

    I am an all pumpkins and
    candy corn kinda gal ~ no
    gore for me. But I love to
    see big "kids" who really
    get into it.....ENJOY!

    xo Suzanne

  3. Oh my....these are so fun ...seeing how creative some people get! It is fun to see what the celebrities wear! Hugs to you and happy creating the perfect costume.xoxoxo