Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Krispy Skremes.

Saturday was a day full of "fall" cleanup.  I had had a restless night of sleep, so at about 5 am I decided that I may as well get up and be productive.  The problem of getting up at 5 am to start your day of productivity is that no one else is awake yet.  Especially on a Saturday morning.

I  knew I couldn't start any laundry because my laundry room is right above my renters' bedroom and that wouldn't be very nice.  I couldn't get out in my yard to mow and edge yet, first because it was dark, and second because I have a rule for myself (it's for the neighbors too although sometimes they break it) that I won't start a noisy mower on any given morning prior to 8 am for the benefit of those who like/need/want to sleep in a little bit on a morning they don't have to work.  I couldn't go down and do the dishes or run the vacuum for pretty much the same reason as all of the above, so I laid there and wondered what chore I could possibly get up and do (that needed to be done) that would be quiet for the rest of my sleeping household.  Hmmm?  What to do .... ?

Then I remembered the article I had read in that MORE magazine about cleaning out your closet - so that's what I decided to get up and do ... for the next three hours.

You've probably read various articles where they say a good rule of thumb when cleaning out your closet is this:  If you haven't worn it in the last year, get rid of it, right?  But in the article I read in MORE she had a little different take on when to get rid of something.  The author said that if she was debating whether to hang on to something or not, she would wear it to work.  If she liked it and felt comfortable in it all day, it stayed in her closet - if not, out it went.

Now since I am fortunate in that I get to wear jeans to work every day, by bigger issue was, how far away from fitting into these jeans am I, and will they still be fashionable when I do?!

I tried every single pair of jeans on ... well, I got them up as far as they would go, and then made the decision to keep them or give them away based on the aforementioned question.    

The author did say that she ended up keeping a sweater that she had bought with her boyfriend on their trip to Paris once.  And even though she didn't really love it anymore, and had no intention of wearing it to work, she just couldn't bear the thought of giving it away.  There were just way too many sweet memories in the threads of that sweater.  (I have a few of those items too ... only I might be keeping them remembering how much they cost and just hoping that one day they might actually come back into style.  Apparently, I didn't pay close enough attention to the article, did I?  I did, however, find an awesome, super comfy, black pajama outfit with the tags still on in my drawer.  I didn't even remember buying it - but I put it on and I love it! Sweet.)

After three hours of clothes sorting, I started some laundry, then went out into my yard for the final edging and mow of the season (love that), some trimming of the bushes, and gathered up several piles of things that belonged in someone else's home, not mine.

McCall and her babies needed an outing so they joined Sophie and I as we ran our errands. Libby's favorite stop was for some donuts at "Krispy Skremes."  SO.DANG.CUTE.

I did have high hopes for getting all of my Halloween decorations out too, but ... clearly, that was a little ambitious since our last stop of the day was at WalMart for groceries and it ended up being after 9 pm.  Sigh.  

Maybe tonight .... (are you decked out yet?)


  1. Thanks for letting us tag was fun. And yum! :)

    Looking forward to Halloween pics from you!

  2. I miss Krispy Kreme! We loved going there.

    I went through my daughter's clothes last weekend. (it all started because I wanted to find her halloween shirts) I really really need to go through mine and get rid of lots.

  3. Oh boy...five am....don't you just hate that...
    I mean when you should be getting some rest...
    but, just can't for some crazy reason. ARGH!!!
    It sounds like you made the most of your day
    though...if it ended at 9pm....good work!!!

    I hadn't really considered Halloween decorations...
    til Cory asked me yesterday if he should get the
    stuff from the attic.....REALLY? Feels like I
    just put that all away! Some years I feel like
    taking an entire year off from, I
    can look forward to them again...instead of them
    coming up so fast that they feel like a chore!

    Like McCall...I cannot wait to see your photos....
    maybe they will inspire me!!!! :)