Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day!

It's Valentine's morning ... 

House decorated ... CHECK.

Cinnamon rolls baked .... CHECK.

Love note left ... CHECK.

Rice Krispie treats made ... CHECK.

Treat bags made ... CHECK.

Early morning text from my favorite Valentine ... CHECK.

Already a very SWEET day ...

Happy Valentine's Day!!!


  1. ahhh. i lubbed it! i may be biased but, the last picture is my favorite of the bunch. though your decorations are right up there too. can't wait to come see it all tonight, and eat a sweet treat. love you! happy valentine's day!

  2. How fun that you have a Valentine's tree and everything! Love it. Hope you're having a wonderful day! :)

  3. Isn't it fun getting
    all the fun little treats
    ready to show those
    we treasure that they
    mean the world to us?
    I have to say, you far
    outdid me ~ love the
    heart cinnamon rolls
    and the crispy treats!
    And of course, the little
    doll baby at the end : )

    Happy Valentine's Day,
    xx Suzanne

  4. Oh my! What a perfect little Valentine! She is growing so fast!!! She & I have a Libbie Club bond :)

    Those rolls would make anyones day sweet! You didn't overlook one thing! I love how you take the best care of those kiddos!

  5. how cute is your decor? love it! valentines came so quick, so i never got anything done that i wanted to, so i will live vicariously through your adorable stuff! happy v day peeps. sure do love ya!

  6. So sweet ....your day looked amazing...my kinda day! Now I want a cinnamon bun! xoxoxo Hugs dear one.

  7. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you have a Valentine's tree! So stinking cute!

  8. AdOrAbLe Polly!!!!
    I didn't know you decorate that much for Valentine's Day...SWEET!
    I hope your day was SUPER SPECIAL! It all looked so cute...how could it not have been! And with your sweet baby girl...awwwww!
    Much Love to you my Extra Special Friend!
    On Valentine's and everyday!!! <3

  9. So so cute p-dove! You did lots for valentines day, you a nice momma!