Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sweetheart's dance.

Shortly after the school year starts, all the festivities for "Homecoming" start too.  Sophie got asked to the Homecoming dance but decided she didn't want to go.  I asked her why.

"I don't know.  I just don't feel like going.  I don't really care.  I am more into the educational part of school, not really the social part of school."

Okay, first of all - who says that?  And second of all - I think it was a short lived phase for her.  The second dance of the school year is the "Sweetheart's Dance" and she decided that she did want to attend that one.

I can't believe the fuss girls go through for these dances though.  The stress of the dress, the jewels, getting their nails done, their hair and make up done ... hair and make up?!  I didn't even get my nails done for my wedding and did my own hair and makeup just like I did every other day!!!!  (I always maintain that I am a fairly low maintenance woman though.  In hind sight, I probably should have enlisted some help that day!)

When her friend, Makayla showed up at the door to pick Sophie up (it was a girls choice, so the girls picked up their dates), I thought they looked like little book ends in their cute blue dresses and side swiped pony tails.  They were so adorable ... and look just a little happy to be heading off for the night!

Haley and Chloe wanted a picture with them .... looks like a little hair and makeup does go a long way.  :)


  1. Who says that is right! I'm nervous about the day my girls are old enough to go to dances. Dredie has been stressful enough. And with dances basically every other month here in Utah, oh boy. Sophie looked cute in cobalt, As for them other two kz bookends in grey and black...

  2. I love that you didn't make her go even though she got asked. I remember girls in high school complaining that their moms were making them go with the guy that asked them. I told myself then that I would never do that to my daughters. And love their cute dresses!

  3. Oh, I'm glad that she
    decided to go! I wish
    my daughter would be
    enthusiastic about the
    dances, but by 11th grade
    they seem a bit jaded
    about the whole thing.
    We'll see if prom changes
    her mind; crossing my
    fingers she gets asked.
    Love those blue dresses
    and pretty smiles!

    xx Suzanne

  4. um...they seem a little 80's in that first pic. ha. but cutie! WHAT are haley and chloe doing?? silly girls.

  5. SO FUN!!!!
    Love those girlies!
    Reminds me of having Haley
    (my girl for a day)
    to get ready for a dance!
    LOVE <3

  6. How cute are they!! I am glad she decided to go to the sweethearts dance.

    I also did my own make-up & hair for my wedding. Like you, looking back I probably should have enlisted someone. :D