Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Little bits of snow.

On Friday night, it started to snow.  Oh how I love the snow.  But already?  Really?

When I woke up Saturday morning, there was actually quite a bit of it.  Well, all things being relative, for this time of year, there was quite a bit of it.  (I haven't even finished raking the leaves yet.)  I don't ever remember having snow fall in my Halloween graveyard, so I thought I needed to get a picture of that.

While I was out in my front yard, I heard some laughing and one of my neighbors telling his little boy, "Here comes the hill!"

This really did make my heart smile.  

It is just so sweet.


  1. We got about 4 inches, but it snowed all day yesterday and it is cold! I was hoping it would hold off until Christmas! Cute little guy, and so fun to take them sledding! :D

  2. THAT is a precious
    little moment. I feel
    for you with the snow.
    Hope it's melted by
    now, Polly!

    xx Suzanne

  3. i haven't had any yet! no fair. but, each day we drive up to tracy's (who still has plenty) libby says, "look mama! look! snow!" so cutie!

  4. How precious!!

    We haven't gotten snow yet. I am not sure I am ready.