Friday, September 2, 2011

Hello Kitty.

I have always LOVED Hello Kitty.  Always. When I was younger, I would walk into a store that carried anything Hello Kitty and wished that I had the money to buy all of it.  And then when there was an entire Hello Kitty store?  Forget about it.

When McCall finds something she really, really loves online, she will send me an email with the link and with the caption:

And if it is really cute:  

Kay, sorry about it, but this Hello Kitty snack tray?


Are you kidding me?!?!?!  That is food.  That is a little rice sandwich and a cracker with cheese on it.  That is a bunny made out of a slice of bread, all resting on a bed of lettuce!  And all for a little three year old's birthday party.  I was dying when I saw it.  It is so stinking ADORABLE!  Come on ...  A Hello Kitty snack tray?  How precious is that?

I saw it over on Amy Atlas' blog ... it wasn't her party ... but she featured it ... you can see it here.  (The rest of the party doesn't really hold a candle to the cuteness of the snack tray though.)

Sigh ... love.


  1. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT??? is right! that is insanely cute! i want it! the talent of some people is just nuts! even though blogs bug sometimes, what would we do without them? you would've never seen this cuteness!!!

  2. Adorable my friend..i want one for me to take to school. xoxo Hugs

  3. These are almost too pretty and cute to eat. I think even the pickiest eater would be tempted.

  4. WAY TOOOO ADORABLE!!!!! :) :) :)

  5. Hello Kitty Bento kits are really cute!!

    As a child there was a similar shop and my sister & I spent most of our money there buying hello kitty items. =)