Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Birthday LOVE.

Libby turned 2 last week so we had a little celebration at my house.  She is currently in love with the Disney movie Tangled so her daddy got her a Tangled themed cake and Libby just loved it.  She loved the candles too and surprised us all when she knew to blow them out after we sang the happy birthday song to her.  (Although it did take a few tries and some help from her mama.)

And speaking of Disney and her mama ... Does anyone remember that Libby's mom and I signed up to run a half marathon at Disneyland right about now?  We had such high hopes and the best intentions when we signed up last February. We were scheduled to run on September 4th.  

Yeah ... that didn't happen though. The race happened ... it just happened with two less participants.  

When I finally decided to actually "train" (and I do use that word very loosely), my body wasn't really cooperating.  My 50 year old knee was giving me grief  ....  (this is where I was going to write about my really painful sciatica problem and seeing the chiropractor everyday and speaking with a back surgeon who told me that now was not the best time in my life to take up the sport of running, but I don't really need any excuses  besides I am old and it just didn't happen ... do I?)

Since McCall is newly pregnant and hasn't been feeling very well herself for the last couple of months, she decided that running the marathon probably wasn't the best idea for her either. (Half the reason we signed up was because we thought the Disney medals they give at the end of the race are so awesome. Disney really knows how to do things right. But, darn it, guess we missed out on those.)  

McCall and her little family still went down to southern Cali though.  And McCall thought the least she would do is get her marathon t-shirt - which she did, and then said it totally wasn't worth the wait in line.  

But at least she gets to be with this little ray of sunshine at 

The Happiest Place on Earth,

enjoying all of the Disney Princesses at Disneyland ... right this very moment .

Ahhhhhhh .......


  1. Thanks for your lovely comment, I sure do love my Grand-peeps to pieces cannot get enough of them... well wait last week I babysat for 4 days straight and by the time their mommy got home I was beat! I really do understand why we have our babies when we are young. My daughter lived in Utah for some time she is not Morman but married a young man who's family is Morman. He is in a Band and travels all the time so when she (daughter) goes to meet up with him grandmas always there to help. They will be going to Utah in October his Band has a concert there so they will be able to visit the family there. Hope you are having a good week, I sure do understand the bad knee thing, I have a couple that won't allow me to do all the things I would like. Hugs, Diane

  2. Okay...is she the sweetest baby ever!!!! I love her cake, her candles and her adorable swimsuit! You rock that suit Libby-girl! Sorry you missed the Marathon...but, taking care of yourself is way more important! The best part would have been being with Libs when she saw the characters...I can only imagine her grin...SA-WEET!!!!

  3. Oh my goodness...she is one cutie pie...just look at that sweet smile. xoxoxxo HUgs.

  4. It's amazing how much joy a little one like her feels...and how much joy it gives to us! Happy Birthday to your little darling. Hope that knee will be ok, hate that! ;D

  5. oh man! im so bummed FOR you guys that it didn't work out. darn it. well, maybe i will run it for you one year... maybe ;) cant believe that little libs is 2! crazy crazy. cute pics!

  6. Ooooo she is just so sweet...I love that lil' Libby :) Happy Birthday Girl!

    & I am soooo jealous you are at Disney! How fun! Someday I'll get these little kiddos there....but for now...I'll live through you! Can't wait to see your pics!

  7. Makes me long for
    those days....my own
    girl had {and still
    has} a megawatt smile
    like Libby's!! And she
    just adored anything
    Disney, too : ) Don't
    beat yourself up about
    the marathon. You look
    soooo awesome and it's
    better to listen to your
    body. I have only run
    ONE 5K in my life and
    nothing more....and I
    did it at the tender age
    of 45 : ) just to say
    I'd done one. I'd much
    rather bike, thank you
    very much! Hope you are
    enjoying a great weekend,
    xx Suzanne

  8. love dat bebe. we come home tomorrow. it'll be a long ride but, libby is ready. and it's really too bad she refuses to look at the camera. cute pictures are sparse this trip.

  9. i feel your pain aunt peeps. i was training to do st. george and my knee blew out, so frusterating. but atleast we have the little ones to pose and do cute things to spread cheer:) love ya!

    ps. i finally took my blog off private so its way easier to follow! AND taryn and paige gave it a little makeover...

  10. What a cute little girl...she looks pretty pleased with her cake!

    Have a pretty day!