Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Quiet time.

Sunday was my birthday.  I turned 52.  Sigh.  52.  Really?  Geez.  But ... it happened.  I don't usually make a big fuss over the fact that it's my birthday.  I don't require much.  I am one of those moms who have always told my kids, Just draw me a picture. Or, Make me a card. Even now I really do appreciate the cards my kids give me with their sweet words more than anything. (Although when you have kids old enough to have jobs, they give pretty nice gifts too.)

Sunday morning I woke up before anyone else did, came downstairs, and opened the fridge.  There was a plate of spice cupcakes with cream cheese frosting staring right at me.  Yum.  That, and a cold diet coke sounded just about right for my birthday breakfast.

I sat down in my living room chair and picked up the latest edition of MORE magazine.  (Have you heard of MORE magazine?  It's for older, mature women.  That would be me.  I had just mentioned to Sophie that I decided not to renew any of my magazines for the coming year, but instead, take the time to read the magazines that had come during the last two years that I hadn't read yet.) I spent the next hour or so in my chair ... flipping ... looking ... reading ... eating ... sipping ... enjoying the stillness of the house. It was way nice.

Later on in the day, Sophie and I went to church together. McCall and the babies came up too.  I had a nice day at home with good food and good people and lots of love.  I thoroughly enjoyed my day.

(Have I ever mentioned that four of the five siblings in my family have September birthdays?  I said to my mom one time, "Cold winter nights Mom?"  And she answered, "Happy New Year."  I shouldn't have asked.)

(This is on September 4th when Drew turned 50 ... poor guy ... I remember that sad day for me.)


  1. Happy belated Polly, glad to hear you had a nice day. I've always enjoyed celebrating birthdays for family and friends but me....not so much. Something about turning the "big" 50. Now I am staring at 55 and it's like an oncoming train. I remember being little & 55 may as well have been 100, it was just old. Now....not so much!! Enjoy everyday.

  2. yay! happy birthday. i always like spending sunday's with you. the b-day was just a bonus. :) did you leave off leslie's name because she's not a sept. birthday or did you forget? that's such a great picture of all of you!

    also...libbbbbbbbbbbby loves you!

    1. Yes, I left off Leslie's name because she's not a September birthday! Hope she doesn't mind! And I love the Libs (with 12 b's) sooooo much too!!!!

  3. Actually Polly my reply was "TIS THE SEASON TO BE JOLLY" were the Happy New Year baby. momma

  4. Happy Birthday, Polly!

    My copy of More is sitting
    amongst a big stack of others
    that I haven't had time to
    get to.....I need to follow your
    lead and let most of these

    What a great picture of you
    and your sibs. I only have
    one younger brother. Always
    wanted a sister, but I do now
    have friends that feel like
    sisters, which is truly a blessing.

    Happy Weekend,
    xo Suzanne

  5. Oh what joy...happy birthday sweet one! You looks stunning! Hugs. xoxoxo

  6. I have not a September birthday......and thus, have not a name in the sibling photo? I think I need some identity therapy.

  7. First...better add Leslie's name...just use a different color to represent the birthday thing. Notice how you four are all blonds with blue eyes and Leslie got the brown eyes and brown hair...think it was the time she was conceived that made the difference? (WHICH TOTALLY FITS HER BTW...and she is getting prettier every year!!!!)

    Second...LoVe your mama's comments...Tis the season to be JOLLY....she is so cute! And your b-day would fall as the New Years baby...way fun, too! :)

    Third...who wouldn't LoVe that sweet Libbbbbbbbbbbby girl!!!!! I DO!!! have the best looking group of siblings ever!
    Good work Bob and Sally Jo!!!!!

    LOVE YOU ALL!!! xoxoxoxox

  8. I had to smile because my sisters kids are all bron in May...and we all tell her happy birthday & snicker when they go home after her august birthday dinners :) Yep...shouldn't ask :)

    Sounds like as good a birthday as any! I am not a birthday girl either & apprieciate just life as usual with a cupcake for breakfast... :)

    you are so young Polly! You are full of life & love! Happy birthday my friend!