Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Skulls and skeletons.

You're invited, so come on in
and let the fun and surprises begin.

Beware of skulls and skeletons too
they are lurking everywhere, trying to scare you.

But even the spiders and witches agree
Skeletons know how to party you see,

They'll laugh and play and then in between
Stop and make sure YOU have a
Happy Halloween!

All ages are welcome .......


  1. It looks awesome! I hope to make it over tonight :)

  2. Ah hahaha! Oh Mom. I love you! That poem was awesome. Your house is awesome. South Fork is awesome! Looking forward to that post....

  3. Hello,

    Love the Halloween decor and the Halloween poem.


  4. I had to have Bo & Rocco come see all your decorations...they are amazing!!!! Bo said, "I'm not scared...that stuff is fake." However, if we were at your house Bo would be the only one of my kids who would not go in & who would probably cry when he saw that skeleton on your couch! He talks big! :) He can't even handle Party City this time of year :) Too many spooky costumes :)

    That skeleton on the couch cracked me up! Too funny! & how sweet is Libby! I bet she just Looooooves all those spooky decorations! Lucky girl! I am too lazy to decorate for any other holiday than Christmas...over the years I learned that I don't mind decorating but I hate packing them all up again :) So I looove when I can enjoy yours!

  5. You my freind know how to get right into the festivities! Looks like you had fun. xoxo hugs.

  6. HOw fun!! LOVE all of your decorations! You did a fantastic job!

  7. Such awesome decorations!
    Love that Libby girl!

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