Tuesday, January 3, 2012


(Niagara on the Lake - July 2010)

I got a text message from my sister Courtney a few days ago that said:

I miss you sissies ... I wish 
some of you didn't have
 to work today, I wish 
our children could fend 
for themselves 
(for just a spell), 
I wish we lived
down the street from each
other, I wish we could
sit, and eat and laugh
and tell stories all the
live long day.  Love you
all, to infinadee and 
beyond ...

And then Leslie, Spring, and I, dropped what we were doing, and met for lunch.  Because sometimes, that is just what you need to do.  Family is the one thing that is a constant after all, right?

I decided to take a little break from blogging.  I'm not sure how long I will stay away, but with the new year, and new resolutions, there are some other things that maybe need more attention from me.  Just some things that need some work ... some fixing ... some focus.

Love you!


  1. I just teared up reading that and I already knew what it said. Us Winebrenners...such a sensitive brood. I really do miss you ladies all the time and will too miss your blog (only for a spell (right?)

  2. la you da peeps!
    we still got our lunch dates...minus dee it cokes and desserts

  3. I am sooooooooooooooo grateful for my membership in the sister club with you 3. x0x0

  4. Does the dark haired one in the middle, REALLY look like the mother of the 2 on the left? REALLY?

  5. I'll miss you....
    but TOTALLY
    get it! Lucky you,
    to have not one,
    but TWO sisters.
    I only have one
    younger brother : )

    Happy New Year!

    xx Suzanne

  6. "dee it cokes" spring is hilarious! i wanna be in the winebrenner sister club. you guys are too too fun! i'll miss your blog for sure but, i can relate, mine doesn't get any attention and i didn't even warn anyone. good luck on the "other stuff".

  7. What a beautiful photo. Niagara on the Lake is such a beautiful place.

    I will miss you. :(

    Hope everything is ok.

  8. COULD THIS BE ANY SWEETER?? Your parents must be so proud of all of you girls! Such sweet tender hearts ~ all of you! Wish I was one of your sisters...you are so lucky!

    Much Love to you Polly...as you finish what needs doing! I am always here for you if you need help! Let me know when you start blogging again...I will miss you...but, thank goodness for FB and texts!

    Much Love and Happy New Year to all of the Winebrenner clan! :)

  9. i love the sisterly love! your sisters, my sisters...it's all such goo goo times. it really is the only thing that makes me sad about having all boys. oh well. loves!

  10. Oh what fun and what a blessing to be able to meet for lunch!
    YOu have a great break my friend...I will miss you so much! Hugs tell you get back. xoxoxo

  11. sisters are the best thing ever. i love your sisters, i love my sisters ;) we basically have da best family. dee it cokes and all! return soon peeps!