Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I don't think I have ever been more happy to see a contestant win the mirror ball trophy as I was last night when Hines Ward won on Dancing With the Stars.  I LOVE him.  I love Kym.  And I love them together.  I know I have already posted about how much I have enjoyed Kirstie Alley on the show, but these two could not be any more darling and any more deserving of the win.  

(Not that Elliott sits and watches this show with his mom and sisters every week, but the other night he was in the kitchen and looked into the family room while Hines and Kym were dancing.  He said, "Haley and I think those two should be a couple."  I totally agree.  They have great chemistry beyond the dance floor and truly seem to enjoy each other.  In fact, this morning Good Morning America had an "after party" with the top three couples from the show and Hines had on a black hoody with big white block letters spelling H.A.P.P.Y. - so cute. And I know, yeah, yeah, yeah, it's just a reality show but I am a romantic that way and can believe in a happy ever after for them.  They really do seem happy together, and happy together is a good thing.)

I am not a follower of football so I had no idea who Hines Ward was when they introduced him at the beginning of the season, but I am pretty sure I'll be watching some of this coming football season when the Pittsburgh Steelers play.  (He said he will have to use some of his dancing moves in the end zone now after a touch down - so cute.)

On Good Morning America, Robin, one of the hosts, made a comment to Kirstie about how she had a goal that she wanted to achieve during the show.  Robin asked if she had reached it.  Kirstie kind of laughed and then they showed a clip where Kirstie had said, "Well, I figured every week with all the dancing is about five pounds and I still have 40 to go, so honestly, I do have to make the finals if I want to reach my goal."  

After watching this season, and seeing a pretty dramatic transformation of Kirstie (at age 60! I still have a hard time wrapping my brain around that), I decided that maybe dancing is how I am going to get in shape (at age 50!).  It seems just a little more fun than my walking/jogging.  Okay, it's a lot more fun ... I bought Zumba for the XBOX the other day.  Right after Elliott set it up he danced to a few songs.  He doesn't like it.  I think it might be a little too girlie for him.  I hope I like it .  I want a transformation too. (Kym's body is my "goal" ... a girl can dream.)

If you haven't ever seen Hines and Kym dance, click here or here - you will love them too - so cute.


  1. It was amazing..all of the last three were so great! :D

  2. I have missed all of this...wish now I would have watched it. Hugs my sweet friend. xoxo

  3. I think Chelsea was adorable, too!!! And really should have been at least second? I know Kirstie is 60...and that is amazing--and she did do pretty good...but, the other couples were better dancers!

    I loved Hines and Kym, too....and she definitely did do something to tone up this year...cause she looks better than ever right now!!! I wonder what it was? I was super happy to see them win, too...but, I was happier last year when it was Donny! And when you talk about them being a couple...isn't Hines already married? Hhhmmmnn..... =0)

  4. Hello,

    Let me know if you like the Zumba xbox. Have a great time in Nantucket. We are having gorgeous weather the last couple of days.

    Stop by Cisco brewery and have one of their crazy eight drinks!!! Such a fun place to hang outside. Time sits still while you are there.
    Take care,

  5. I was so delighted that they won!!!