Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Little notes of appreciation.


dear temple square gardeners,
thank you for making the grounds look so incredibly beautiful, always. i wish you could come to my house too ... we need you.

dear upstairs air conditioner,
you make me so happy every time i walk up to my room and it is nice and cool. downstairs air conditioner isn't nearly as dependable as you are. thank you for that relief on a 100 degree day.

dear chrysler sebring,
i just wanted to say that i am really proud of you. i know you are getting older, but you haven't given me any trouble for a few months now and i really do appreciate that. keep up the good work.

dear brown spots,
i have been really good about hand watering and soaking you every day. i know you have a long way to go before you green up, but i have faith in you. you can do this ... keep trying.

dear blogworld,
i just wanted you to know that i am really excited to be a part of you now. it has been a lot of fun already and i only have 5 posts so far. i hope it is okay that sometimes we share ideas ... thanks naomi for this one. i love it.

dear kids,
you know i love you, right? just checking.

dear people who make comments,
thank you for that. it means a lot when you blog. i'm not quite sure why, but everybody says that. :)

dear camera,
i know we haven't been as close lately, but i promise i am going to start spending lots more time with you. you do a fantastic job now, but i hope i can help you reach your full potential.

dear water,
thanks for all of your health benefits. i will try to consume more. really.

dear paige and mccall,
thank you for being patient with me as i struggle to learn all that i need to know to have a blog. i'm glad you are my helpers because you are both really nice.

with love,
polly dove


  1. Call it karma or whatever.... but I LOVE little notes of appreciation so I mailed you one THIS AFTERNOON!!!!! before I even saw your blog TODAY!
    What a co-inkie-dink. Keep up the blogging... I'm having so much fun!

  2. very cutie da mama. i think d-del should start her own blog too. ;) ps your side-bar says i'm 24...oops.

  3. Love the favorite pics you added of the kids...what lil darlings!!!!! =0)

  4. awe, thanks for the shoutout... happy to help. and look how well your blog is coming along peeps- addin all these little gadgets and pictures to your sidebar! wahoo!
    soon to be added.... a really cute header. la ya