Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Logan's First Haircut

 photo 85015cea-508f-4287-b012-a64eb3b47443_zpsijg0ivtm.jpg

This little guy's mommy decided it was time for a haircut.  
And then most of the family decided that we all needed to be involved. 

 photo Logans201st20Haircut20004_zpsy5cu1jk0.jpg

Logan just wasn't sure what the heck was going on ....

 photo f4900fb1-f5e0-4af1-a90d-fef627bcb4bf_zpscv55wqgj.jpg

 photo 03eb073e-2823-4f38-a62e-88be227f4a2b_zpskupaumuh.jpg

There was definitely apprehension ...

 photo 4d58f2ea-1ef5-455f-a13e-c4d10e6845c7_zpsjddtistd.jpg

And lots of reassurance ...

 photo eb2cc2b3-dcc4-4af4-9e07-fd38a7d92f01_zpsiu2ewkrl.jpg

And when it was all over ....


 photo f40c327a-f512-4837-8578-6df7cfb8710c_zpsedymnzsi.jpg

Such a handsome little angel boy.

 photo 661720ef-4def-43f5-88a1-6790fbc06c7e_zpskfl3cb35.jpg


  1. Well, thanks for making me cry at work. Did you have to post darling baby pictures just days after he turned 3?!!! I would really like to have a talk with Heavenly Father on keeping them little a little longer!

  2. Adorbs...when was this??? 😃

  3. he is very very very cute!!!!!

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