Thursday, December 6, 2012

LP Sighting

license plate tree

One of the things I REALLY enjoy doing at the beginning of this holiday season is to go to our local "Festival of Trees". Sadly, this year I was right in the middle of moving offices during the time I had planned to go with McCall and I just wasn't able to work it out.  HOWEVER.  McCall did take a picture of a tree she knew I would be crazy about, and she was right.  Check out this cute license plate tree!  I love how they cut various plates and patched them together to make them appropriate for skiers.  (VERY clever.)

I managed to get my outside lights hung on a perfectly beautiful light-hanging-weather kind of day a couple of weeks ago.  Elliott and I ventured up on the roof together and it really didn't take us that long - although that could be because I wasn't as careful and plugged way too many strands together, and then plugged all of those strands into one extension cord all being powered by one outlet, which ultimately led to completely blowing up the inside outlet that contained the GFI switch to that particular outside plug, which you could normally just press and have the power go back on, but not this time.  It literally BLEW out that entire outlet.  Now none of the lights work on my house and I need an electrician to come and get that replaced.  Oh, and it also pretty much blew up the modem for our internet so we haven't had internet for several days either and I need to replace that. Sigh.  

The joy of Christmas lights never ends, does it?

self portrait

It also occurred to me not too long ago that I had given my big Christmas tree away last year.  As I was taking it down, several of the strands of lights weren't working, and a couple of the branches were getting ready to just snap off.  I knew I had had that tree for a long time, I just couldn't remember how long.  Then, as I was boxing it up, I noticed the picture that Elliott had drawn on the inside of the box ... super cute, made me smile, and the date next to the picture was December 1999.  Pretty sure I had gotten my money's worth out of that tree, so that's when I decided I would go ahead and send it to the local D.I. (which is Utah's version of Good Will.)

So this is going to be the year that I head to an actual tree lot and find myself a real Christmas tree.  It's been several years since that's happened and I'm kind of excited about it.  Except for the fact that now I absolutely will  have to hang my own lights ... no pre-lits on a real tree.

AH BOY.  (Wish me luck.)

elliott's drawing


(happy decorating!)


  1. Ah. That cute lil' Elliott.

    I wanna come to the tree lot with you!!!

    Sad sad sad about your power. I didn't know that happened. :(

  2. What a great discovery
    in that box! We are shuffling
    some furniture around this
    weekend, which necessitated
    some clean out and found a
    cache of my own children's
    papers, journals, art projects.
    Last night we had some good
    laughs over the journals and
    I realized how fast those precious
    days flew by.....

    And YES, the license tree is
    so you, with your love of funny

    Good luck with the tree lights.
    I think our pre-lit will see its last
    appearance this year, too. I want
    a real one, next year!

    Happy Saturday,
    xo Suzanne

  3. Oh no...sorry about your power :(
    I am sure you will light up your tree
    as beautifully as you decorate everything else
    my friend!!!
    Good luck with it all! :)

  4. How sweet is that picture!!!?! Love finding things like that! We used to have a festival of lights in Niagara Falls, but sadly they stopped it years ago on the American side. We did get to take the kids to see the Canadian side and they still do it. :)

    Sorry to hear about your outlet. I have always wanted to put lights up outside, but never get around to it. ;)