Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remembering 9-11.

This morning I walked outside a little after six to take my trash out to the curb. The scouts had already come by and put flags out in our park strips.  Then I remembered that it was 9-11.  And the spirit of the day was set for me.

After sitting at my desk for a little while and reading all the posts on Facebook about this day, I really wanted to go over to the Healing Field which is just a few miles down the street from my office.  (The year after those tragic events of September 11th occurred, Sandy was one of those cities across America that put up a flag for each person that lost their life on that day. Over 3,000, and it is always so moving to be in the midst of that.)

I pulled my car around the back of the City Government Building and parked right next to the Channel 4 News van .... interesting.

Turned out that our local morning talk show "Good Things Utah" was filming their show right out on the Healing Field in front of all the flags.

There was a group of kids in school uniforms being escorted out in front of the cameras. (They looked so sweet all dressed up.)  Apparently the school had held an essay contest and the winners got to share them on Good Things Utah!

I happened by at exactly the right time.  Made the day that much more special for me.

Love our troops.
Love this country.
Love you Petty Officer, IS2 Linares.
Thanks for serving.


  1. What a special event you stumbled upon yesterday! Your photos are just beautiful!

  2. So awesome! I haven't seen that plate before. LOVE IT! Thanks for Jared's shout out. He'll like that. :)

  3. Such an emotional day. Your pictures are wonderful.

  4. Great pics as usual Polly...love this post!
    "Thank You" shout out to Jared, too! :)