Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Katy and her Smurfette dress.

I read today that Katy Perry has tied Michael Jackson's record for the most #1 hits off of a single album.  And some people are upset about it.  They don't think she "deserves" it ... ?????

My thought ... it is what it is folks. Record sales sort of speak for themselves. 

Now while I don't condone all of her songs' lyrics (I do need to say that), I think Katy Perry is adorable and sooooo talented, and I want her smurf dress. (But really only if I looked like her in her smurf dress.)

Looking at this picture conjures up a couple of different memories for me:   I had a pair of blue shoes just like that once.  It was after I had had my third baby, Chloe.  We were going to have her blessed at church, as an infant, and I wanted a new outfit.  I really needed a pick me up, so I went to Nordstrom. (Ladies, you know how that is after you've given birth, right?)  I found a white floral skirt that had a matching top and I was absolutely crazy about it.  I don't fall in love with too many items of clothing, especially church attire, but I just had to have this outfit.  It was kind of expensive though (relatively speaking), but I called my husband and asked if it would be okay if I got it.  He said yes. (One of the nicest things about being single is now I don't ask anyone before I buy an outfit ... okay, and it is 20 years later ... do women still ask their husbands if they can buy an outfit?)

After I had my bag in hand and was walking through the shoe department, I saw a pair of periwinkle blue shoes that matched the blue in the fabric perfectly ... I had to have them.  They were $60.  I had NEVER spent $60 on a pair of shoes before and lamented over it for the longest time.  And then I bought those too.

To this day, that remains one of my top five outfits of all time.  (Do you have outfits like that too?)

Next memory:  See that blue carpet Katy is standing on?  Yeah, that bright blue carpet? When our family moved to Utah from Southern California, we had had our house built.  I got to choose the carpet color, and I chose blue.  At the time, in Southern California, I had blue carpet.  Lots of people had blue carpet.  It was totally stylish.  But in Utah, apparently ... not so much.

After it was installed, my sister Spring stopped by the house and called me up.  (We were still living in California while the house was being built.)  She said, "Polly!  They just installed electric blue boog-a-loo carpet in your house!  Did you really pick this color?!?!?!?"  And I said that I did.  And she said no one in Utah has blue carpet like that and what was I thinking?

(Just a little sidenote:  Another time, my sister in law called me after they installed the counter top in my kids bathroom and said, "Polly!  They just installed a bright blue counter top in this bathroom!  It has to be a mistake!  You would not have picked this color!"  Oops ... I had. It wasn't really that bad ... she totally exaggerated.)

Fortunately, we didn't have to live with our "electric blue boog-a-loo" carpet too terribly long though.  About four years later we had the house re-carpeted with a really gorgeous dark sage green carpet that I still absolutely love.  To save a little bit of money though, I decided to keep the blue carpet in two of the kids' bedrooms upstairs because it worked with the decor in those rooms.

Not too long ago, my son-in-law said to McCall, "Why in the world would your mother have picked out this carpet for these bedrooms?"

When McCall told him that our whole house used to be that color he laughed his head off.

What was I thinking?  


  1. I had the "sage green" carpet in my house in mom has rose pink!

  2. oh peeps...the smurfs coulda moved right in

  3. I love Spring's comment! :D We all choose according to our age and maturity I think, I look back on some of my choices..oh boy! ;D

  4. Super fun memories Polly....I love blue, too!!! Even blue cars....funny! Most of all......I love you my friend!!!.. :-P

  5. spring it too too funny. i love your dress story. do you have a pic of it? you should post it. and, i still call my husband to buy outfits. but, most women don't.

  6. i need to see this carpet and the outfit!

  7. Ahhhh...the memories. I have to give Katy Perry props for having so many #1 hits. She is very talented.

    I would love to see the carpet and outfit. =)

  8. Such a sweet post my friend..I do like her too...she is adorable.

    You know me and blue it but a blue carpet?...hmmmmmm not sure.

    Hugs to you for a great weekend...xoxoxo