Wednesday, May 11, 2011


This is Haley ... my daughter who is a cosmetologist.  During Haley's schooling, as is typical of most cosmetology students, she ran the full gammet. ( ... gammet is being underlined as an incorrect word.  I tried to look up the spelling in the dictionary and I can't find one.  I tried:  gamet, gammit, gamat - nothing.  Didn't you think that was a real word too?  You know what I mean when I say gammet though, right?  I mean like, the full spectrum, the whole nine yards ...)  Anyway, suffice it to say she went through all kinds of hair colors and styles and cuts and usually liked all of them, which I think is pretty cool about Haley.  I am such a creature of habit that the few times I have ventured away from my "norm" I always grow it right back out to the way it used to be.

But not my Haley ... she likes to change things up.

When she first got her job in Tennessee last year she was a red head with a rather predominate blonde streak.  Then she went to just the red ... then back to a more natural light brown ... added a few blond highlights and could hardly wait to come up to change it up some more.  Yesterday, Haley was as excited as a little kid on Christmas morning because she was going to get hair extensions. (And I don't know anyone who takes better care of their hair with extensions on - she is a natural born stylist for sure.)

And I am pretty sure that if I was able to get hair extensions when I was growing up, I would have felt like a movie star.  (Especially after a bad perm .... some of you know exactly what I am talking about to, don't you?)

What a difference a few hours can make these days .... 


  1. Beautiful hair!!
    My 18 yr old tells me "google everything you don't know!" So I googled gammet....the real spelling comes right up! It is gamut; meaning entire range or scale.

  2. The word is gamut :)

  3. ha ha ha ... thanks anonymous! good to know!

  4. Haley is one person who has looked darling in all of her hair choices...that is why she didn't mind any of them!!! I love the extensions though!
    Super cute! =0)

  5. i always like haley's hair too. that last pic is making me want extensions. as much as they bugged when i had them, they sure look great!

  6. Looks cute on Haley!