Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Chocolate almond custard.

The thing that my sisters and I look forward to the most about going back home is going to Don & Bob's to get their chocolate almond custard ... bar none. It's true, and we go every day we are there, sometimes twice a day - to the dismay of our mother, but our dad is always on board and likes to make his girls happy!

Spring (second from the right) had arrived a couple of days ahead of the rest of us. Leslie, Courtney and I all flew together on JetBlue's red eye flight. I am pretty sure the last time we flew on that same flight - which leaves Salt Lake at 11:40 pm and flies us into NYC for a three hour lay over before we head on up to Rochester - we had decided we would NEVER do that again.

But then it came time to making our reservations, and the price on JetBlue was so much better than the other airlines, and they are one of the few airlines that gives you a free bag to check, so we gave in and booked the flight.

Leslie and Courtney had made their reservations at the same time so they picked the window seat and the aisle seat in the same row in the hopes that no one would sit in between them. I had picked an aisle seat several rows behind them. I did tell them that if the flight was full I would suggest to the person sitting in between them that they take my aisle seat and I would be sandwiched in between my sisters.

The flight was full, so I was sandwiched in between my sisters. And all I can say is that it is a dang good thing because Leslie and I were about to go stark raving mad with fidgets and did not sleep one tiny little bit the entire flight, which is why all night long, all the way through the flight, we vowed we would NEVER do that again - EVER ... no matter how much more another flight was we wouldn't care, because when you are SO tired and SO uncomfortable and want to just jump out of your skin for 5 hours, it is worth the extra money to fly during the day. We were miserable.

One of the benefits of flying JetBlue is that they really do have extra leg room and roomier, leather seats. And if you've never flown with them you may not know that they also have a T.V. screen in front of every passenger which is the best idea any airline has ever come up with since the invention of the airplane, if you ask me. But you know, somehow channel surfing through infomercials, news and music videos in the middle of the night just didn't cut it for us ... it didn't help, we were still miserable.

At one point Leslie and I walked to the back of the dark airplane, past all of the other sleeping passengers (except the kids who thought staying up all hours with their own remote control was too good to sleep through), back to where the stewardesses were sitting reading their PEOPLE magazine. We asked, "How much more time do we have?"

One of them looked at her watch and said, "Just a little over two hours."

Okay, good. We were half way through. Leslie and I still weren't sure we would make it without screaming first, but we headed back to our seats thinking that stretching our legs for that minute and a half might have helped.

It didn't. So we silently screamed. (Have I already mentioned that we were absolutely miserable?)

So. The point of the story is that by the time we reached Rochester and my dad met us at the curb, we told him that we were heading straight to Don & Bob's even though it was only around 9:30 in the morning.

He had come without my mom and Spring because we all wouldn't have fit in the car with our luggage. So my dad said, "Well Spring told me not to go without her," to which we replied, "We don't have to tell her. We can go again with her. We can turn right around once we get home and go back, but we NEED to go to Don & Bob's and it's tradition. We can not break tradition."

Courtney, being the youngest sister, said that that wouldn't be nice. Leslie and I didn't care. We needed to go. And so we did - and when Spring found out she wasn't happy about it, but we didn't care. And then we did go again later that day after we had gone to our cousin Becky's house for a luncheon.

(If we look a little disheveled with our bed heads and sleepy eyes in this picture it's because we had just gotten out of bed - the day after that. We can't get enough of the stuff ... we are ridiculously obsessed.)


  1. LOOK at all of you
    gorgeous sisters ~
    In one family, no
    less!!! The ice
    cream sounds fantastic
    and I bet you are
    making the best
    memories : ) Thank
    you for your sweet
    comments on P&H;
    they meant so much
    to me! xx Suzanne

  2. What a crazy..wild..fun time of all of you and the ice cream sounds so good! :D

  3. "stark raving mad"...that's totally how fidgets make me feel. and you get 'em the WORST when you're preggers. wish i had don & bob's RIGHT NOW! and it's only 9:30 AM. :)

  4. What lovely sisters...oh how I love sisterly fun! You guys are beautiful!
    Yes..ice cream always makes me happy too. xoxoxo

  5. and yes....it was lee-lee's spilled don and bob's on her pants that gave you selfish sisters away...somehow i'm thinkin these posts are all comin back to lee-lee.