Monday, September 7, 2009

My special little ring.


Growing up when I did (you can do the math), the norm was to wear gold jewelry.

During my high school years, my friends and I would sometimes go to the jewelry mart in downtown Los Angeles and buy all kinds of gold treasures to wear. It was always an adventure too. Starting with remembering how to get there, getting on the right freeway, trying to find parking, knowing which building had the best deals, and trying to get the best price ... all the while being on the lookout for the crazies on the street. (Note: we were always accompanied by one of our parents, but that didn't mean any of the above wasn't applicable to them as well.)

We would buy rings, and bracelets, and tons of skinny gold chains, all different lengths - if you were really stylish, you wore multiple chains at the same time in ascending order ... remember the "S" chain? Loved that.

We were always searching for the perfect charms too. At least some, if not all of your necklaces, had to have a charm on it.

I'm not even quite sure when gold went out of style, but it did. I was a little disappointed too, because I liked my gold jewelry, and I didn't think I looked good in silver. I fought the trend for as long as I could before giving in ... but what I came to realize soon enough was that I LOVE silver jewelry and white gold and platinum - oh, wait, I don't have any platinum yet. :)

My wedding rings were gold, so after my divorce I decided to get myself a little something to wear on my left hand - just next to my ring finger. I found the little crown ring at a kiosk in the mall in Salt Lake and I had to have it ... I adore that ring. I considered it sort of like a symbol for myself - that I was on my own now, but could wear my little princess crown with my head held high. Kind of like a symbol of "girl power."

I think too often times, as women, we tend to get bogged down in the routine of our roles and it is easy to get discouraged. We have very demanding roles, especially as mothers and working women. I wish it was trendy to wear a tiara, because maybe that would help us remember our own great worth. This little crown ring is my tiara. I really do love my role as a woman and as a mother, and putting that ring on absolutely reminds me of that ... every time I wear it.

(I know LOTS of women who should be wearing tiaras!!!)

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  1. I totally agree....we should all get to wear tiaras....EVERYDAY!!!!!! =0)
    YOU GO GIRLFRIEND!!!!! xoxoxox