Monday, August 20, 2012


School is already back in session for some kids around here ... this is my niece, Sibley.  I saw it on my sister Courtney's Facebook page and could hardly stand how cute it is!  Oh my - JUNIOR HIGH.  Probably the hardest transition a child will ever make in his educational career, wouldn't you agree?

It's the whole "middle-ness" of junior high school that makes it hard.  Where you just aren't quite sure what is going on ... with anything, really.  Your hair, your clothes, your friends, puberty.  Are you still considered just a kid?  A "tween"?  Are you cute enough?  Are you cool enough?  Will the kids make fun of you?  Will you find someone to sit with at lunch?  Will the homework be too much?  Etc.etc.etc.

I remember when my little Haley started junior high school ... tears flowed, sobs ensued, she clutched me mercilessly ... she didn't want me to leave her there.  (It was the first day of kindergarten all over again.  That poor little girl has such anxiety about anything that is new to her.  Hard to believe since she is my singer, dancer, cheerleader, entertainer girl.  But if it's a first time for anything - big time anxiety.)  I think it was a whole week before Haley could just go to class without first spending some time with Charlene, the attendance office lady. Charlene would let Haley assist her for a little while in the office, calm her nerves down, give her a little pep talk and then when Haley felt like her breathing was regulated, she would venture off to her classroom.  It was really that bad.)

Elliott had a hard time in middle school too. All three years of it.  Darn those bullies!  I'm just glad that kids tend to grow up a little by the time they reach high school and get in their own space of drama instead of creating so much of it for someone else.

Here is what Courtney wrote about Sibley:

She survived! Today she didn't die. Today she didn't forget her locker combination. Today she didn't get lost. Today her teachers weren't mean. Today no one said her hair was "puffy." The manic tears this morning were in vain, being a seventh grader turned out to be pretty great. (I told her...momma's always right!) 

(Looks like it might be an okay year after all. Go Sibs!)


  1. WOW...what a beautiful girl!!! If she was must be rough! Poor glad she ended up liking it! I remember moving to start at Huntington with you in the 7th grade...I knew NO wasn't like where-at least you have some friends...even if you don't know everyone-like when two or more elementary schools combine to make the junior high class...I remember thinking it was pretty scary! And I remember not liking gym...or changing in the locker room in front of other girls...that had to be the worst part of junior high...RIGHT???

  2. She is so cute! Middle School...crazy times and good times. I might need to find some pictures from Jr. High!

  3. Hi, thanks for your visit. She is a doll, love her name too! Ah yes, school...they do all get through it as we did too, then it's on to even harder things! Love the photo strips post too, miss those! ;)