Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter 2012.

For years I have had a tradition with my chicklets of taking their picture sitting in front of their Easter baskets wearing their jammies, with their sleepy little eyes, and messy little bed heads.  I always hid their baskets and they loved sneaking around the house looking for them, never giving it away if they found someone else's first.  Now that they are older (okay, and now that I am older and a little less enthusiastic about the whole Easter basket tradition), I just make them little bags of candy with a little "sumpin' sumpin'" in it!  This year I gave them passes to a local water park ... score one for mom! That was a big hit. 

Sophie also gave a talk in church that morning which made the day even more special.  When we walked through the door after church, I realized I hadn't gotten a picture .... "Oh my gosh! You guys! Your picture! I almost forgot!"  (That could have been tragic.)

And then we headed down to my sister Spring's house  ....

This is picture overload of a really fabulous Easter party. 
Good food, good treats ... and even better


(Logan was the life of the party!!!)


  1. Okay...seriously adorable pictures...LOVE Libby's Easter sweet! And the darling pic of Logan at the end! :)

    My only request is that you label who all
    the cute peeps are...I want to know who
    all the darling kiddies belong to...I
    haven't seen any of them for years...
    and I can only guess!

    The one boy with Haley and the girl
    leaning her head back looks soooo much
    like he his?

    Anyways...another darling post my friend...

    1. Thanks Di! The boy with Haley is indeed Drew's son and he does look just like him! The other one in the picture is Spring's little boy, Finn. He can NOT take a serious picture! :)

  2. Such great pics Mama! Love 'em! I'm glad we came to the party...good good times. That food looks yummy! Wish we could have had some. Even though Little America is a Linares tradition, I don't love the buffet food. At least not for $45. I would be happy with the plate you pictured above. Mmmm.

    Wanna come visit me today?? :)

  3. peeps you always have the best pics!! ALWAYS! love spending the holidays with my favorite people. love ya!

  4. Oh my what a cutie that Logan is!!! WOW! What a fun day filled with love & family & really how special that Sophie talked at church!
    I am thinkg I need a Springy house like that! :) Table looks fabulous!!! I love the jar of carrots~!

  5. such goo times auntie pp! all your pics were so cutie. the food looked scrumptious, wish there woulda been enough for me. oh well, next year:) loves.

  6. Your family is adorable...hmmmmm...thinking I would like to have your son meet one of my daughters...he is a cutie.
    What fun you must of had...I love coming to visit always make me smile my friend. xoxo HUGS

  7. Gorgeous family and
    how lucky are you to
    have such a big number
    to celebrate with?! It
    all looks so spring-y
    and fun!!!

    xx Suzanne

  8. Your family is ADORABLE!! Looks like an amazing Easter!!