Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Early signs of Spring.

Although it was a very mild winter here, and I truly love the snow and missed it this year ... I always love to see the early signs of Spring when the grey skies start to fade, the color of green reappears and those pretty pops of color bloom forth.

I love the "popcorn popping" on my flowering pear trees ....

And the dark purple hint of the lilacs coming ...

I love seeing my hyacinths in my front planter - 
they are the only bulbs I ever managed to get in the ground.
(A little sad, actually ... I have had such high hopes for more.)

LOVE seeing my bleeding heart bush reappear ... still remains something miraculous to me.

Little grape hyacinths ...

Bright yellow daffodils ...

Glorious gold forsythia bushes ...

And early morning footprints in the freshly fallen snow.

(I think Mother Nature has menopausal symptoms, like me ... hot and cold flashes.)


  1. Bahaha! You so funny Mama. GREAT PICS!!!

  2. Love all of these flowers, too!!!!
    Did it just snow is menopausal...
    but, will it kill all of the new spring blooms???
    How do they live through the snow???

    Love the hyacinths the mostest!!!
    :0) and wishes for a gorgeous spring my friend!!!

  3. LOL, I think you are right. Mother Nature is been having a hard time making up it's mind.

    Beautiful shots. I am loving all the flowers, too. :)

  4. Oh I love your collection of flowers...Spring has sprung a wet one is kinda sad as the pretty blooms are all saggy wet. Happy weekend my friend...xoxo