Wednesday, June 12, 2013

That's a Wrap.

 photo 5a693730-c43b-4925-846a-1dce419fcc55_zps80006a85.jpg

Sophie Corinne Wood
Alta High School Graduation
June 6, 2013
Utah Valley University

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I don't know what it is about high school graduation day, but i love everything about it. There is a special kind of buzz in the air, and happiness abounds.  Especially for this little girl of mine.  Baby #5 had her day in the "sun" last Thursday and couldn't have been more excited.

The graduates had to be there early, so Sophie's friend Josie drove down with her and said she would save us seats.  Josie called me after they arrived to ask where I wanted to sit.  NOW. I have a very particular spot that I like to sit in ... seems a little odd, but I prefer the back of the arena, behind all the graduates, so that I can watch all of those glowing faces walk into the ceremony.  My very favorite pictures of the day are always the ones where my kids are walking down that tunnel.

When I first saw Sophie, and looked at her face, I thought, Oh my gosh, she is McCall.  I was looking at the same face I had seen when her big sister had walked down that tunnel ten years earlier! It was a little freaky.  Then I looked at McCall and said, "She is you!"

I turned back around to Sophie and as the Pomp and Circumstance March started to play, my eyes welled up with tears. This was it.

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Libby and Logan joined us too and I was so glad they did.  Since Logan is the best baby on the planet, and pretty much the best baby who ever was, he did great.  He had his snacks and his pacifier so he was GOOD.  Libby, on the other hand, likes to go go go, so being quiet in a confined space is a little bit harder for her.  Thank heavens her mom thought to bring the ipad - except when Libby wanted the sound up really loud because she couldn't hear it over the noise.

 photo libsandlogan_zps7cc9c008.jpg

With eight hundred and eighty two students in Sophie's graduating class, it was a really long program.  But a good one and entertaining.  We all got a kick out of what each student did as their name was read - being the next recipient to receive their diploma.

I would like to be posting a picture of the silly pose Sophie made when it was her turn, which was on the big screen, but we sort of lost track of her in the crowd, and I wasn't quite prepared with the camera when that happened.  (NOT happy about it - but I'm pretty sure I can purchase a copy of the picture somehow.)

 photo b9ba64d9-e580-4ee5-9d81-311d50dd075c_zpsd86d053f.jpg

Haley managed to get Logan to sleep for a brief 15 minute nap.  (McCall deemed her the baby whisperer.)

 photo 46460ff5-a65a-47f6-afcf-ce093a71b946_zps6aae3402.jpg

And then it was over .....

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The end of an era for this mama, and the start of a bright future for this beautiful girl of mine.

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Congratulations my little Did-Did.  
I couldn't be more proud.

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My mom and dad were here from New York and got to attend three grandchildren's graduations.
(I know ... you wish you got to sit through three graduation ceremonies too, huh?)

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McCall had a dermatologist appointment afterwards but didn't want to miss out on lunch with everyone, so we said we would wait for her.  But don't you worry about it ... we headed straight for our favorite place for a snack and a couple of diet cokes to tide us over in the meantime.  

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  1. YOU GO P-DOVE! I spied you stylin' mandatory pose action in that one pic! Not much chance to manage a side-turn, but you got the chin out and a flirty little head tilt goin' on! You look gorgeous! I repeat~ YOU.GO.GIRL!!!

    1. Candance - you are always too kind! Thank you! There are lots of pics that aren't really that good, but as this blog administrator (lol) I get to put up the ones I like! Have you tried the poses yet?! ;)

  2. AGAIN...WAY TOO FUN!!!!!

  3. Congrats to your daughter!! Beautiful shots!! :)

    1. WOW, 882 students is alot!! I thought the 330is my son is going to have in his graduating class was alot.

  4. Ahhhhh! I can't believe all your babies are done with High did amazing! Yes You! Not sure how well I will hold up on the last graduation day...or any of them!!!! Pretty cool :) And her story begins ... :)

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