Monday, April 5, 2010


It's beginning to look a lot like ... but it isn't December.
These are my little hyacinths, covered in snow yesterday morning.


But inside ... it was definitely Easter at our house.

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As much as I love the snow, and I really do, I can admit that it is a bit strange to wake up to freshly fallen snow on Easter morning. And quite a bit of it too.

Delanie and her family are staying with us this weekend from Los Angeles. Their youngest boy, Taylor, took a look out the window and just said, "Whoa." Then he and his sister Carolyn had a blast outside throwing snowballs and making tracks in the snow out back. This never happens where they live. :)

It was General Conference this weekend too. I love when it's General Conference weekend. There really seems to be a little bit something special in the air around "these parts." Local stores have special sales and ladies night on Saturday since there are so many visitors from out of town. And just having Conference on in your home or car radio on Saturday and Sunday seems somehow a little comforting and uplifting.

I love hearing the general authorities of the church speak to us and share their inspiration and wisdom about how to better ourselves and enrich our lives by coming unto Christ. This special Easter session was particularly focused on the Savior and his atoning sacrifice for us.

Several of the talks were focused on motherhood too, and what a great responsibilty and privilege that really is. I love being a mother. I love my children.

I loved time this weekend with my extended family too ... lots of yummy food, cute cousins everywhere and conversation with my siblings and their families.

Easter was definitely a happy little time for me - hope your's was too!


  1. definitely was gooooo times. la ya

  2. it was! ;) love the pics! i think the layout looks great! is it how you wanted?